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Bringing affordable Healthcare and social services to the underprivileged in these regions, as well as the provision of education and training are the underlying premise of A Heart Relief Organization.

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What Makes us Different?

Although established the previous year in London, by 2000, AHRO was officially launched in Accra by the Ghana Ministry of Health. In concurrence with our debut, the ‘Relief’ website was also created by the Ghana Ministry of Communication. With this backdrop, and at the very genesis of our Ghana operation, ‘A Heart Relief Organization’ has functioned in the  areas of education and information, focusing on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, while lending support to seriously sick and desperate recipients.

Because we’ve successfully operated in various regions for the last two decades, ‘AHRO’ is specialized in rapidly responding and providing education, training, health and social services within these provinces. AHRO is also designed to reflect the United Nation’s Millennium goals, mainly targeting the ‘Global Poverty Alleviation Program,’ which primarily focuses on the health sector.

The Mission:

Bringing affordable Healthcare and social services to the underprivileged in these regions, as well as the provision of education and training are the underlying premise of A Heart Relief Organization.

To ensure that healthcare providers and social workers are well-equipped, our organization is committed to providing the highest level of training, offering the necessary tools to improve and enable high-quality services. Maximizing our limited resources, we also help recipients develop culturally and linguistically in appropriate programs. Indeed, while addressing societal issues as a whole, we do certainly maintain a holistic approach.

As we are committed to promoting equity between women and men, we are constantly mindful of how important it is to increase women economic potential. An ongoing endeavor, AHRO achieve this by providing opportunities to free training, education, literacy programs and employment in the various sectors. Identifying as an essential prerequisite to poverty alleviation around the world, our organization particularly prioritizes single women and women in rural areas. Moreover, the reproductive health challenges young women and adolescents face cannot be overemphasized. According to 1995 population report, between twenty to sixty percent of young women’s health is at risk during childbearing and unsafe abortions. Worst, half of the people infected with HIV/AIDS are under the age of twenty-five.

Clearly, these health issues and risks can be reduced through education and  addressing reproductive health challenges. The use of birth control, condoms and even abstinence where obligatory, go a long way to keep the problems from spreading. The necessity of involving recipients in early prenatal care is of paramount importance. Because little or no prenatal care leads to increased mortality rate in both infant and mother, our ongoing efforts to expand recipients’ involvement have been challenging, but not deterring. AHRO provides a ‘safe’ space for participants, where they can share information and learn from each other’s experiences. And not forgetting an underline threat, statistical figures available in the country portray a gloomy picture of HIV/AIDS cases. Even if we ignore unreported cases, it is obvious by the time we enter the next millennium, there would be an estimated sixty-two thousand confirmed AIDS cases, and about a million HIV-positive people living in Ghana. However, not surprisingly, in the new millennium, it has been discovered that the figures were far beyond what was predicted. Now, two hundred people a day are infected with HIV. It’s devastating to say the least.

In confronting HIV/AIDS, and any other diseases, it is very important that we first address the various cultural barriers. In most places throughout Africa, HIV/AIDS cases are hardly ever reported. Because AIDS is regarded as a curse from the gods by a huge number of Africans, they believed those infected are results of evil spells from witch doctors and black magic. Convinced the myths and misconceptions must be eliminated, AHRO has and is still conducting education and training seminars to assist in curtailing the challenge.

The stigma associated with many diseases can be emotional, psychological and physically devastating if not downright harmful. With such serious drawbacks, it becomes mostly difficult to treat and address the problem. AHRO recognizes in order to achieve healthy communities and healthy nations, we cannot shy away from this challenge and  continue to assist in every way we can. With many emerging diseases such as the Zika Virus and Ebola, where, for some, like hands washing and covering of one’s mouth and so on, make prevention possible, AHRO is dedicated to addressing Universal Precautions, and the prevention and treatment of many diseases. When it is within our capacity to do so, A Heart Relief will subsidize or pay in full its recipients’ medical bills, incurred as result of a life-threatening illness. Unemployed women, single mothers, pregnant women, children up to twelve years old, the elderly and those below the poverty line.

In addition to giving care and support to needy Patients.

When necessary, ‘A Heart Relief’ also refurbishes selected units and outfits of certain critical health institutions in decline, especially in rural and economically deprived areas. Our primary targeted population is women. In Ghana and throughout Africa, women are frequently marginalized, and in most cases, they do not have a voice. Constituting about seventy percent of Ghana’s total population, research shows women and children, especially in rural areas are most at risk. In 1997, Ghana Human Development report revealed that maternal mortality rate in the Upper West Region of the country, was as high as four hundred and fifty- two to ten thousand live births. In terms of past records, these figures are comparatively very low.

Malaria, which causes one million deaths every year in Africa, is another disease of great concern to AHRO as we continue to address this challenge. Ironically, it was one of few reasons that led to the birth of ‘A Heart Relief’ in 1997. In light of the devastating impact diseases have in other parts of the world, mainly on Africa, the challenges of public health, with little or no resources, access to care and treatments, are but few of many  disadvantages driving AHRO to carry on. Providing support for  individuals infected with HIV.

  • Providing healthcare for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Paying for anti-retrovirus therapy for the poor and underprivileged
  • Providing special scholarships, fellowships, and training for healthcare providers: thereby building the country’s capacity to respond to this growing pandemic. (The Ghana Ministry of Health, through various hospitals, have enormously benefited from our scholarship programs since the conception of this ‘capacity building initiative’).

It is with great pleasure that we provide these services as contributions to our quota towards the success of the ‘development program’ in Africa.


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‘A HEART RELIEF’ Organization was established in 1999 in UK and Officially launched in 2000 in Ghana by the Ministry of Health. AHRO is now registered in South Africa and East Africa.

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