Economist, Theologian, A Hollywood Award-Winning Writer, Author, and a Philanthropist

Dr. Prince John Tetteh is an Economist, who also has to his credit years of in-depth research in various fields, including sociology and Theology, and has been a teacher in these fields for the past 15 years. He also is the co-founder of the London-based Worldwide Miracle Outreach Church (WMO).

He is a Hollywood Award-Winning Writer and also an author of many brilliant works, including Hidden Treasures/Secrets of the Holy Bible, and 2000 AD – the False Millennium. Dr. Tetteh, or Prince as he is affectionately called, is well-traveled as visiting lecturer/keynote speaker in many Universities worldwide, Including the Women Centre of the Brooklyn University College, USA. He speaks and writes Magyar, Hungarian language. Most of the content in the writings of P. J. Pence is from the primary sources, his own life experiences, and experiments in esoteric abstract indulgence that many dread to even think about.

He laces his writings with western quotations and analogies depicting his years of sojourn in the United States and Europe, where he schooled. His rich experiences from different parts of the world coupled with various socio-economic engagements are monumental. P.J. Pence’s writings have shed so much light on what has been mystified by religious propagandists who have sought to mystify spiritual knowledge. Indeed his bold expositions are worthy of attention, for indeed they hold so many keys that unlock much deeper uncharted paths within ourselves. Esoteric writing has not been so simplified as he has done in his writings – his book Hidden Treasures/Secrets of the Holy Bible is a treatise on Faith and Labor. His rich experience in the spirito-material worlds brings one closer to hidden treasures.

John P. Tetteh, writing under the pen name – P.J. Pence has always been an innovative and shrewd businessman whose background in economics has been put to use so many times over the decades. Prince is the President of A Heart Relief Organization (an organization that centers on the provision of free Medicare to needy patients and offers training to health personnel in HIV prevention), with affiliations to Kings County Hospital, Brookdale, New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, The Women Centre of Brooklyn University College, The François Xavier Center of University of Medicine and Dentistry and school of nursing, Newark, New Jersey to name a few.

His organization has sponsored hundreds of Doctors and Nurses from Ghana and other parts of Africa for training on pediatric HIV prevention over the years to the HIV Prevention in Women and Children Department of the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and mostly to the University of Medicine and Dentistry and the School of Nursing at Newark, New Jersey.

Dr. John P. Tetteh is currently the Legal Representative for China United Engineering Corporation, (CUC) a large 100% Chinese State-owned Company that employs over 60,000 personnel with an AAA rating on excellence. CUC is part of Sinomach one of the top 500 companies in the World, and through the efforts of Dr. Tetteh, Ghana has secured a multiple MOU with CUC to build affordable housing to augment the housing shortfall in Ghana and water projects all over the country. Prince is friendly, Jovial, and philanthropic, yet strict to a fault when it comes to setting goals and attitude towards work; his much-acclaimed book, Hidden Treasures/Secrets of the Holy Bible centers on the principle of work and labor, which he wrote making references to the motto of his Alma Mata—esse quam videri. Prince is married to Caroline, with whom he has three lovely children; two boys and a girl.

Books Written & Authored By Dr. P. J. Tetteh (P. J. Pence)

Hidden Secrets of The Holy Bible (Season 1 - 6)
Hidden Treasures of the Holy Bible
Emoji Prison (Part 1 to 3)
Muslim In The White House


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