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Jay N. Blackwell


Experience: Expertise in collaboratively integrating activities and adapting outcomes that will capture, organize, translate, share, and apply knowledge to my client’s programs and Expert in capacity building and organizational infrastructure building, trainings etc.

My work for the last 20 years has been focused on providing a wide range of capacity building and organizational infrastructure activities, trainings and various tools to assist agencies improve their ability to respond to public health concerns and disparities in an economical and expeditious fashion. This includes the development of a grant writing curriculum demonstrated to increase the writing skills of a broad range professionals, organizations the clients they represent. I have worked throughout the United States and its Territories and am focused on utilizing my skills to the benefit of my clients and the communities engaged. In 2016 I opened my own consulting business, New Paradigms in Consulting, and will continue to work with communities, organizations and professionals focused on improving the ways in which agencies, systems and individuals authenticate the effectiveness of their programs, activities and professional vision.

 Professional Profile   Business Change Management

  • Expertise in collaboratively integrating activities and adapting outcomes that will capture, organize, translate, share, and apply knowledge to my client’s programs and development outcomes.
  • Expert at business oriented, data-driven solutions to deliver strategic change, infrastructure design and governance, culture and strategic solutions to support the success of an organization’s transformation goals.
  • Have applied these solutions across for-profit, non-profit, clinical and institutional settings.

Public Health & Social Services

  • Excellent understanding of public health and health policies and their impact on communities, populations, organizations and institutions.
  • Over 25yrs experience successfully engaging businesses, communities, institutions and health management systems in health promotions, behavior change campaigns, prevention activities and other strategies to address health disparities throughout the United States and its Territories.
  • Participated in planning, implementing and reporting on public health campaigns for federal and local agencies for 14yrs in the Department of Health and Human Services. Expertise in working in multisectoral environments with governments, businesses, community groups and online audiences.

Training, Programming & Resource Development

  • National trainer in building business acumen and programmatic effectiveness for the last 20yrs.
  • Curriculum and programmatic development. Building the capacity of agencies to identify, evaluate and respond to external and internal challenges within the organization.
  • Work with foundations, governments, organizations, businesses and other groups and institutions improve their ability to raise funds and respond to environmental pressures.
  • Train non-profit agencies to improve their ability raise funds for their programs, agencies and organizations. Includes the development of a training curriculum to increase the ability of businesses to structure their proposal ideas in order to win public and private grants and awards.

Management & Leadership Development

  • Direct supervision and management of staff for the last 14yrs in improving the health care systems across the United States.
  • Educating business and thought leaders on strategies to improve their performance indicators and health outcomes at personal, community and institutional levels.


Community Development

  • Currently working with community groups, organizations and direct care agencies to increase their ability to provide services to their constituencies throughout the US Pacific Island Jurisdictions. Activities have been on-going since 2004 often focusing on increasing their ability to successfully engage in resource development campaigns.
  • Working with African immigrant and refugee populations across the United States to increase their ability to navigate the American health care system, improve their programmatic readiness and partner with other organizations interested in working with them to address and combat health disparities in a new country.
  • Significant experience working with an array of American communities and populations to improve their health care readiness and ability to implement health promotion activities.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Regularly conduct organizational development and strategic planning activities to minority communities throughout the United States to increase the efficiency and growth of regional and local health care services.
  • Have successfully worked with African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander and Hispanic populations in the US and it Territories to address health disparities, organizational governance and infrastructure, and community development activities for the last 20+ years.
  • Increased partnerships and collaborative opportunities between minority populations and local, state and federal governments.
  • Currently instituting a program to increase the proficiency of colleges and universities strategically address resource development and improve community partnerships across the United States.

Work History Independent Contractor, New Paradigms in Consulting, HeiTech Services; Jan 2016 – Present Director of Capacity Building & Development, Office of Minority Health Resource Center/HeiTech Services, Inc., Landover, MD: 11/01 – 12/15 National Training & Information Manager, National Minority AIDS Council, Washington, DC: 03/00 – 11/01 Technical Specialist – Capacity Building Assistance Project, National Minority AIDS Council, Washington, DC: 12/99 – 03/00 Community Advocate, Non-Profit Management, Denver, CO: 11/98 – 11/99



University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO   Master of Arts, Agency Counseling North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC   Bachelor of Arts, Psychology