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Besides helping us support seriously sick needy children, your generous contribution to ‘A HEART RELIEF’ ORGANIZATION (AHRO) creates opportunities for people living in poverty around the world. In line with the UN Millennium Goals of 2030, the Organization has launched a literacy program, dabbed: The “Global Read A Book” Project (GRAB), a global initiative aimed at redirecting the youth, especially the underprivileged, to take up reading as an alternative to their overindulgence on social media platforms and the vices. The project is designed to donate books to remote and impoverished committees, as well as providing mobile libraries.

As responsible stewards, we promise to follow industry-standard regulations and best practices when processing your donation. ‘A HEART RELIEF’ ORGANIZATION honors all requests for refunds. Thank you for your gift.

The donations you make represent a small portion of ‘A HEART RELIEF’ ORGANIZATION’s cost-effective and evidence-based programs that assist the most marginalized people in extremely poor, conflict-prone, and post-disaster settings around the world. Your donation will be used where and when most needed as part of our holistic and innovative approach to empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease, and social injustice. Your gift will be combined with those of other donors to amplify your impact and empower millions around the world to realize their potential.


AHRO over the years has been giving scholarships to needed but brilliant people in Ghana since the year 2001. our scholarship initiative has help brought prominent personalities like renowned doctors, teachers, and other disciplines who have benefited from our scholarship scheme.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

A Heart Relief CODIV-19 Relief Fund was created to provide relief aid and assistance to vulnerable less privileged people during this Corona Virus pandemic outbreak. Please donate any amount to support this cause.

AHRO Ambulance Donation

A Heart Relief is about to launch an ambulance service that will help the needy and poor patients who do not have money to rent an ambulance in times of emergencies.

This donation helps A heart relief to purchase 10,000 ambulances to be distributed to Health facilities across Africa



The ‘A Heart Relief’ Organization (AHRO), an award winning NGO in alleviating poverty through child’s health, academic and social development, in association with the PNJ Group, invite you to partake in a massive literacy program, entitled, The Global “Read a Book!” Project.TM

The Global “Read a Book!” (GRAB) Project and per its slogan: “Grab Knowledge!” is designed to encourage the youth, and for the matter children and adults alike, to switch their taste from dependency on social media to reading books during their leisure times, as was the practice just two (2) decades ago.

Mode of operation

The model is designed to assist parents in their search for textbooks and other school requirements for their children. In exchange, they get enlisted in the “GRAB!” not only for their children, but hopefully the entire family—since, the benefits of reading books cuts across all ages.

Books are delivered at a discount, which has been made possible by our stakeholders absorbing part of the cost, as well as our strategic elimination of extra cost of various handlers which before now was handed down to the consumer.

The difficulties most parents face in seeking textbooks for their children or wards during the beginning of a term are real—a nightmare, to say the least. This has to do with time constrains and high costs, as books have to travel from publishers, through various channels, to the retailers before getting to the consumer. Furthermore, a detail research by the “GRAB” team has revealed that not all textbooks can be obtained just in a single day’s search, and prices are not regularized, therefore differ from retailer to retailer. Another major problem is the pirating of books (the GRAB Team identified an extensive list). Other buyers end up being coaxed by savvy booksellers into buying wrong books with pretext that they are better in content than the ones listed by the schools. This ends up affecting the student in their final state examination.

With the Global “Read a Book” Project, you get what you list.

Thanks to our dedicated engineers and years of planning, “GRAB” now have a suitable App (Konyv). This App helps users order textbooks from the comfort of their homes, with unbeatable discounts and free home delivery (or any address of your choice: be it your work place, your children’s school, church or nearest filling station of your convenience), within 24hrs in major cities through our strategically located warehouses nationwide, and 3 to 5 working days in rural areas and remote urban settlements. All parents need to do, is to click on the App precisely at the location they need their delivery (home, work place, filling station etc.). This will in turn lock their delivery address on our system. With proper ID and verification code they are done. Thus, saving money and time.

By the help of an inbuilt camera in the helmet of the delivery men, movement, location of delivery and persons being delivered to can be monitored remotely. Thus, guaranteeing good customer service as well as security for delivery personnel.
Mode of Payment
Payment is on delivery via mobile money after customer’s inspection and satisfaction.

Is there a credit facility?

Yes, just a tick of box away. At the base of the book-order screen they are to click on the “I require a credit facility” check box. This will allow you a three (3) months credit. (Please note that this will attract extra monthly charges. Prior to approval, it is required that details of three (3) guarantors of reputable standing, with their written, dated and signed note is submitted. This can be done via the Konyv App by simply taking the picture with the camera icon on the App and then click “submit”. The “GRAB” Team will then conduct all necessary due diligence. A postdated cheque issued in the company’s name will be required upon notice of approved. These cheques must be given to the delivery person, who will in turn sign to acknowledge receipt of cheques via a cheque receipt book).

Do you do any other school supplies besides books?

Yes. Through 3rd party sources listed on our platform. (The essential part of the program is to assist parents in the advancement of education in families as part of the poverty alleviation program, consistent with the UN Millennium Goals and specifically the UN SGG-4 Education 2030). We therefore help provide everything your child needs for school: Including stationery, pens, pencils, school going shoes/sneakers, belts, bags and uniforms. All at a discount, thus providing a one-stop shop for your school needs.

Our core objective

The ultimate goal of “GRAB,” is to offer users an opportunity to be part of a Global literacy program: This program is aimed at encouraging the youth to take up reading as an alternative to the current trend of overindulgence on social media platforms, gaming and the vices. The strategic model to attract patronage and interest is to offer a highly incentivized program, hence the discounts and free delivery, as well as endowments (e.g.: Scholarships, trips abroad, computers, and many more) for participants of the program: Being part of this laudable global initiative is just a click away on Könyv App! Not forgetting the stakeholders in awarding to them our much respected recognition, publicity and endorsements. Thus, wherever we go, our cherished stakeholders go also.


Why Könyv?

As UBER, a German word has become ubiquitous in English speaking countries and around the globe as an ultimate taxi App, “Könyv”, is a Hungarian word for “Book”. We hope that the same impact can be achieved with the “Global Read A Book” Project (GRAB). After all, what the program intends to solve is a menace that affect us all, globally. Such a goal indeed deserves a unique, “Könyv” was chosen to showcase the program’s Global uniqueness, cultural balance and diversity of the global village.

What if my phone does not support the könyv app?

Then you will need to use our WhatsApp alternative. This is done by simply taking a picture of the book list and send it to our WhatsApp number 050 752 6000 and we will respond to the request within 48hrs.

Will I need to be part of the “Global Read a Book” Project to access the benefits?

Yes. The whole project was borne out of the need to get the masses back to reading, especially the youth, most of whom are getting wasted on social media platforms and its pitfalls—e.g. the pornography, the unethical jokes and information that does not promote enhancement of one’s life therefore we must go back to placing emphasis on reading and spending time doing it. Have you checked lately on your children’s phone and its contents? You will be surprised with what you see. And mind you, that is if you are lucky, the children of today are savvier in hiding contents than you can imagine, it is their world. The advice is, do not assume innocence for your children if you really love them.

Just as the truly learned generations have been over the years, knowledge is truly acquired through reading, not from Television nor its associates (which the tiny screen of the mobile phones offers, in the words of the founder of GRAB, “It is like carrying your own miniature TV around”—very dangerous for the up and coming youth who seeks knowledge to help in their development. Whereas knowledge acquired comes in various forms, these negative ways of learning leaves much to be desired. The current book chosen for this season is based on the vacuity and dangers of social media platforms which actually goes beyond the fruitlessness of social media into dangerous territories of imbuing the youth with vileness and promiscuous characteristics.

Besides getting my child to read novels, what are the other benefits for joining the “Global Read A Book” Project?

There is never anything to replace the importance of your child’s opportunity to read widely, the benefits are enormous. But to make the program attractive we have added incentives. These are the benefits of joining the “Global Read a Book” Program:

After reading the novel, they are encouraged to write a chapter by chapter summary (in their own words). This summary will be sent to a panel of judges located in various countries. These judges award points to summaries submitted. After tallying scores from various judges winners are picked.
Winning entries will be published in the weekly Gazette and national papers. Privacy will be adhered to in cases parents do not require publicity. Other than that award winners will be greatly celebrated, and their schools mentioned and recognized. Parents who wish to be recognized on TV will have their chance in a prerecorded interview. All these to help promote the importance of reading.

GRAB’s main area of focus is its global literacy program. This program is aimed at encouraging the youth to take up reading as an alternative to the current trend of overindulgence on social media platforms, gaming and other vices. GRAB’s strategic model is to implement a highly incentivized program, thereby increasing the number of books being read per day, per week, per month and per year. Therefore, incorporated into the project are the following incentives:

Endowments (trips abroad, scholarships and other incentives).
Home delivery
School supplies

GRAB’s literacy program is not limited to reading a book. Reading a book in GRAB’s literacy program includes:

knowledge about the author,
understanding the theme, plot and/or subplots,
Literary comments
Chapter by chapter summary and a final book report etc. The Process
After the reading of a novel/book, readers are asked to provide a chapter by chapter summary in their own words. The summary will be sent to a panel of judges located in various countries, where they would be graded and awarded points. After tallying scores and looking at the number of books read, winners would be picked.
Winning entries will be published in the weekly Gazette and national papers (with permission from parents or guardians). Winners will also be greatly celebrated and their educational institutions recognized. Parents will also participate in the winning activities, including television appearances and interviews (based on their willingness).


Awards come in numerous forms, ranging from international trips (to be accompanied by a parents or guardian in cases winner are underage), to a year’s scholarship, lab tops, iPads, phones, books, bicycles, cash credits, to sneakers and more. Winners will also be honored in their various schools, a program that will be televised.


As any other sponsorship package, every TV appearance, Radio, as well as print and electronic media, where “GRAB’ goes, sponsors go also. Thus, Sponsors will get their fair share of recognition. More importantly, it will be an opportunity to give back to society and invest in the future of the youth for a better tomorrow.


EMOJI PRISON, is the book selected for this season of read a book project.


Yes, based on contents and structure of novel. The key area is whether it has substance as well as it is entertaining. African writers will be given the first priority for chances of being adopted into the program. This home grown writers applies to all home countries of project.

Our objective

Getting the youth to read is the main objective to the project. But to gain the trust of the masses we need to provide a service that serves the immediate need of many. That means we deliver at an appreciable discount and delivery on time, a daunting tasks. This is why the support of donors is crucial. The endorsement are also of prime importance.

A copy of a novel will be added to your delivery. Currently, Emoji Prison, a 5-Star rated novel carefully chosen to address the menaces of the youth’s overindulgence on social media platforms. (Those who prefer an ebook version can purchase a copy on and forward transaction code to us to activate their membership).


What if we are already marked by the beast, living in a giant prison governed and monitored by a powerful dark force called ‘Social Media’? It then explains why this book is centered on a young lawyer’s search and dangerous trying adventures through the dark and harrowing underground burrows of enlightenment. Experiencing everything from horrific nightmares to unexplained attacks that leave telling evidences, Davida meets an eccentric doctor in a mental asylum who regales her with tales of death and destruction, an ancient being who shows her the path of illumination. And most mystifying of all, she uncovers the blood curdling truth about her real purpose. Emoji Prison is a riveting tale taking its protagonist across the sweltering heat of Africa to the frigid reaches of Europe and beyond, returning her to the root of it all in New York City. Dr. P.J. Pence seeks to unravel a tangled web of conspiracy theories by separating truth from fiction, taking readers down a rabbit hole of mysticism, drama and dreams sure to keep you stuck to pages of this book to the very end.

Are there other benefits in purchasing a copy of a novel?

Yes! Enormously! All you need is to send us a chapter-by-chapter summary (in your own words) to or International panel of judges (randomly selected) will access which summary stands out and award points accordingly. Upon tallying, winners will be selected. Winning entries will be published in our weekly gazette. Plus, you stand a chance of winning fabulous prices, awards and international recognition.

Awards range from a week trip to the United States (to be accompanied by a parent or guardian) where winners get to meet and dine with movie stars and writers in Hollywood (with plenty photo op), a tour of the Washington DC (which includes fabulous sites, libraries and Museums), North Carolina and New York City (including NY Public Library, Museums, World Trade Center sites to the gift of scholarships, laptops, tablets, cash awards and many more.

Participants from the U.S.A., Canada and U.K. will get the opportunity to visit Majorca, Spain (via a cruise liner), France and South Africa (Sun City).

These endowment programs are well coordinated (with the help of international bodies) as they form the core part of the drive to encourage the youth to read books.

In reality, with the “Read a Book!” Project, there are no losers, only winners! This is based on the premise that the knowledge participants acquire and the mental health they gain in reading are priceless.


It is therefore of prime importance that every well-meaning parent should endeavor to encourage their children to join the “Read a book!” Project. A program tailor-made to redirect their focus from spending endless time of social media platforms to reading during their leisure time. This is the key to enormous benefits and great foundation for their future, as researches has proven. Television is a canker, but worse than that is a tiny version of a screen, far more complicated and dangerous than what educators once thought was the greatest menace, as education and mental health is concerned.

Many leaders has warm and encourage parents to sway their children off TV screens and back to learning.

Are u familiar to the works of Harold Innis? Since the time of writing, communication technologies have had a major influence on society. The Canadian historian wrote that communication technologies were the key elements in the development of all the great ancient societies: Egypt was transformed by papyrus and written hieroglyphics; ancient Babylonia used cuneiform writing impressed indelibly into clay tablets to develop a great economic system; the ancient Greeks’ love of the spoken word led them to perfect public speaking, persuasive rhetoric, drama, and philosophy; for administering their empire. The Romans developed an unparalleled system of government that depended on the Roman alphabet; and of course paper and the printing press extending new ways of thinking across Europe thus paving the way for the European Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation.

Later Marshall McLuhan (a student of Innis’s) argued that radio, movies, and television had just as much impact, if not more, on modern society as printing. The difference between these media is that while printing encourages logical thinking that lays out ideas one step at a time, electronic media disrupt logical, linear thinking. Electronic media create the sense of experiencing everything at once, in no particular order and disconnected from the sources of the messages.

Most observers agree that communication media and technologies have contributed to a society that is changing very rapidly. Three key issues have arisen in the tide of this rapid change: individual privacy, coverage of politics in the media, and the availability of information. – (Excepts from Microsoft Encarta 2009).

“These handheld devices that let you ‘benefit’ from the internet based platforms are a limitation to real social life. It’s an absolute waste of time. Where are all these jokes and humor getting us? To the extent of sacrificing family gathering and true association?”-Excerpts from Babylon is Fallen: Then came the Gatekeepers… by P.J. Pence).

Reasons to read a book abound!

These are some few (out of many) scientific based researches that makes reading books an important as the very air we breathe. They are as follows.

There is also a need to showcase African writers. The project has therefore created a platform for African writers to write their own stories, and to leave their own dreams.


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