A Heart Relief Organization in association with ACSTA Travel and Tours organizes tours to exotic locations, thus bringing the World to your doorstep. This program is a joint initiative by A Heart Relief Organization and ACSTA Travel and Tours to help raise funds to support needy children and seriously sick patients.

However, we have a small favor to ask. More people are asking the organization for help with their Medical Bills, and there is not a single day we do not get touching letters of a needy and seriously sick patient. And this has increased exponentially since our first donation to hospitals, including the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the year 2000 till date, 2018. As we have painfully arrived at a conclusion that we do not have the capacity or resources to honor all the requests, we nonetheless try our utmost best, and the many that get our assistance to them it truly matters since it is usually a matter of life and death.

We have received many citations from many recognized establishments and organizations, including the Ghana AIDS Commission, and a back-to-back citation from the Ghana Ministry of Health (MoH) for our support and sponsorship to hospitals and needy patients who cannot afford their medical bills. Yet due to the lack of publicity on our part, as a matter of policy, we have very little support in terms of donations.

The tours we organize are a result of donor fatigue from some of our biggest donors and therefore a need to limit our over-dependency on soft money. Although not mandatory, we plead with you to donate generously to our course if you sign-up for our global tours. But for us to do this effectively there are terms and conditions.

The following are the terms and conditions:

  • We require that you return to your domicile country after the scheduled trip. No exceptions!
  • You have to accept, before anything else, that we keep your passport throughout the trip and will only hand it over for immigration purposes at the airport on departure to your home country.
  • Be aware that a representative of the organization, or its affiliate would be with you throughout the trip. This is by no means to prevent your freedom, but rather to ensure your safety and the assurance that you would return with us. A good guest is one who says goodbye to his host.
  • It is required that you would be of good conduct throughout the trip. Drinking, theft, fighting, and trying to violate the stated details of your visa would be regarded as Gross Misconduct. This will result in our turning you over to the local police of the host nation, and a further report to Interpol and appropriate authorities of your domicile country for further actions. A regrettable necessity. Please note that this is to ensure the sanctity of our tours. And we are sure that none of the above conditions will matter or bother you if your intentions are clean.

Be assured that we would do our utmost best that you enjoy your stay and tours with us. And make sure you do recommend our tours to others. We believe that service to humanity is service to God, the very building block to this selfless act of our Organization is our quest to support the many needy patients in the pediatric wards that have neither the support nor strength to fend for themselves.

We apologize if any of the above statement sounds offensive. That is by no means the outcome we wish to communicate to your true self. Thank you


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‘A HEART RELIEF’ Organization was established in 1999 in UK and Officially launched in 2000 in Ghana by the Ministry of Health. AHRO is now registered in South Africa and East Africa.

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B575/10 Dantu Street, North Industrial Area, Accra-Ghana


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